This post is a bit more of a personal post for me and I am excited to share it with you. Amelia’s adoption day at the Jefferson County Courthouse marked a moment of profound significance as she found her forever mom, I am her mom officially!!! In a courtroom filled with smiles and tears of […]

A Day of Forever: Amelia’s Adoption Celebration in Jefferson County



Life’s most cherished moments are often best celebrated with family and a touch of one’s favorite color. For Tracy and Tom, that color is blue, and it was in hues of this beloved shade that they recently celebrated a momentous occasion – the arrival of their first granddaughter. In the heart of one of their […]

Tracy and Tom’s Granddaughter’s Joyful Photo Session

extended-family-photo-shoot-jefferson-wisconsin-studio-501-photography-on-bridge 2

Family, Newborn

In Cambridge, Wisconsin, a captivating tale of sisterly love (and laughter) unfolds amidst the towering pine trees. Emily, accompanied by her sisters, embarked on an unique  outdoor morning photo shoot, capturing the essence of their unbreakable bond. With the skilled lens of Danielle from Studio 501 Photography, this picturesque setting became the canvas upon which […]

Sisterhood: A Captivating Morning Photo Shoot Amongst Pine Trees in Cambridge



New home and a new puppy, Ben and Abby are so grateful for their new fur baby, during their home session. Ellie even has a sibling to play around with. His name is Theodore and twice the size of Ellie, at least for now. Enjoy these lovely photos of Ellie a 7-week-old golden retriever and […]

New Puppy Session | Ellie