In the peak of fall’s vibrant embrace, Chris and Raquel’s world bloomed with unexpected joy as Baby Luca made his early debut, arriving amidst the stunning fall foliage. His arrival, a touch earlier than anticipated, painted their lives with hues of surprise and warmth. Adding to the excitement, the couple had just moved into their […]

Fall Newborn & Family Session: Welcome Luca



Life’s most cherished moments are often best celebrated with family and a touch of one’s favorite color. For Tracy and Tom, that color is blue, and it was in hues of this beloved shade that they recently celebrated a momentous occasion – the arrival of their first granddaughter. In the heart of one of their […]

Tracy and Tom’s Granddaughter’s Joyful Photo Session

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In the world of photography, there are moments that transcend images. They’re snapshots of time, stories unfolding before our very eyes. And for me, the journey with Mike and Maddie is one such story. I first had the privilege of photographing Maddie when she was a high school senior. Her energy and zest for life […]

High School Sweethearts to Loving Parents: The Journey of Mike and Maddie

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In the heart of Cambridge, Wisconsin, the beautiful love story of Cortney and Andrew has taken a new and heartwarming turn. Their precious baby girl, Margaret, has arrived, and her name is a loving tribute to the traditions and family that mean the world to them. Just weeks old, Margaret’s newborn photography session was an […]

Newborn Photography in Cambridge, Wisconsin: Welcoming Baby Margaret



Newborn sessions are an opportunity for parents to look back on a moment in their lives and remember the sweet and new time with their newborn baby along with all the emotions and love of that special time in their lives. Photographing these sessions in the comfort of your home lets you have all the […]

Preparing for your home Newborn Session



Theodore’s in home newborn session was filled with love. Their session included beautiful gifts from family members. One gift is Theodore’s newborn crib, which was made by hand by Sam’s brother. All three of Sam and Cody’s fur babies have been curious with Theodore’s arrival and have been enjoying watching him move around.  

In Home Newborn Session | Theodore

in home newborn session