University of Northwestern | Nazareth Chapel | Wedding | Benjamin and Meghan

The day of Benjamin and Meghan’s wedding was a perfect November day. Held at Meghan’s alma mater, University of Northwester – St. Paul, MN. Nazareth Chapel was filled with family and friends as they recited their vows to each other. The reception was filled with live music, laughter and lots of folk dances!

It all started on Benjamin and Meghan’s first date they ended up talking for over 2 hours as they walked around a mall. Meghan is an experienced folk dancer and when the Nordic Ball came around Benjamin accepted to go as her date. Meghan thought that ‘he must like me’ if he was willing to go to the ball with little dance experience.

As time went on, Benjamin became a wonderful folk dancer and now the two are exceptional to watch dance together!  I am so envois of their dancing, it romantic and lively to watch!

It wasn’t long until these two dancers knew they were meant to be together. On a family trip to the North Shore, Benjamin propose to Meghan by Cascade Falls.








Engagement | Cascade Falls, North Shore Minnesota

Hair | Melissa at Sola Salon

Venue | University of Northwestern – St. Paul, MN

Caterer | Northwestern Catering

Cake | Finnish Bistro

Band | Beautiful Day Folk Band

Honeymoon | North Shore Minnesota

Lead Photography | Danielle Lund 

2nd Photographer | Raquel Kaprosy with Danielle Lund Photography

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