Silverwood Park | Wedding Photography | Matt and Abbey

It was the perfect place for Matt and Abbey. As we walked around, we would see Cotton Wood and White Pine trees. The trees were meaningful to Matt and Abbey as they were the same ones that Abbey designed on their wedding rings. There was one location at Silverwood Park that had a Cotton Wood and White Pine together, laying a perfect backdrop for this perfect couple! 

The ceremony was filled music and love. Abbey’s youth minster performed the service.  The wedding party was made up of the couples sisters, whom smiled with joy and Abbey’s dad band played the wedding music. After a meal from Common Roots the rest of the reception was filled conversation and laughter of friends and family from all over the world! 



Rings | Landmark Jewelers 

Venue | Three Rivers Park District – Silverwood Park

Decor | Bellagala 

Officiant | Erin – Youth Minister 

Caterer | Common Roots

Music | The Lost Golden Toads

Photographer | Danielle Lund Photography

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