Preparing for your home Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are an opportunity for parents to look back on a moment in their lives and remember the sweet and new time with their newborn baby along with all the emotions and love of that special time in their lives.

Photographing these sessions in the comfort of your home lets you have all the normal resources, making everyone (siblings, pets, and even the new baby) feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The best part of these sessions: The photos are your real life!

Capturing the moment of your dog checking in on their new sibling in the crib, or parents cuddled up on the couch with your baby sleeping in your arms. These natural newborn sessions (home sessions) will truly showcase this beautiful (and a little crazy!) time in your life.

It may feel a bit overwhelming for a photographer to come to your home, days or weeks after your baby is born. But it shouldn’t be. Here are just a few easy things trips that will go a long way and easy to do:

  1. DE-CLUTTER A SMALL AREA – Your home does NOT have to be perfect. I promise mine is not. Remember it’s your home and it’s supposed to look and be lived in. Focus on de-cluttering at least one small area of your home. Some ideas are by your couch, the baby’s room (crib area), your bedroom, etc. This means just tidying up and putting stuff in the room where it belongs. The rest can hide in the closet, until I leave.
  2. LOVE LIGHT– Let the sun light radiate through the windows! I typically photograph with mostly natural light, so please have the curtains and shades open to let in the light. If your house is on the dark side, still open the curtains, but I will be able to add some flash to help brighten the room.
  3. PREPARE YOUR OUTFITS …AND HAVE A BACKUP – For parents and siblings think light and neutral color: white, pastels, earthy tones, etc. For your little baby, make sure you have a sold outfit ready: a white onesie or one colored swaddle are good options. Also, don’t forget to set aside any outfits that have a bit more personality or are meaningful to you. Don’t forget to have a backup outfit for both you and baby, incase of a spit up. 

Studio 501 is a Family and Event Photography studio in Cambridge, Wisconsin. We have a passion for capturing milestone moments in the lives of families through natural and posed photography.

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