Hyland Park Backyard Wedding | Bloomington, MN | Annette and TJ


TJ and Annette’s Hyland Park backyard wedding in Bloomington was a perfect ‘brew’! TJ and Annette and known each since high school and it is joked among the friends (or as they call themselves ‘The Nerd Herd’) that they have been the ones dating the longest. Of the many fun things they share in common beer and friends must be their tops! They love microbrews so much that they had their engagement session and Schmidt Brewery – check it out here: LINK.

After COVID-19 decided to play a part in their wedding plans, they moved their wedding from the Three Rivers Park District – Hyland Park, to the backyard of their parents home. The first look and formal pictures were still at Hyland Park in Bloomington, MN. The ceremony and reception followed in the backyard with plenty of microbrews, music and fun and surrounded with TJ and Annette’s close family and friends celebrating this beautiful wedding.



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