Bloomington, Minnesota| Wedding |Amy and Chris

She came home to their home to be greeted with flowers and a beautiful card. Chris is the planner in their relationship, so she was a bit confused what this special treat was for. As she was looking at the card, Amy got down on one knee…and Chris was overjoyed to say ‘Yes!’. For Chris, she had already been planning on giving Amy a ring, too! On a beautiful hike out at Taylor Falls, Chris surprised Amy with a ring of her very own.

These two excitedly began planning their wedding only to have every hurtle put in their way. First, Covid-19 decided to grace it’s presence and they decided to push back their wedding by a couple weeks. Then when their venue could no longer hold their wedding, they had to find a new venue – their beautiful home!

The wedding was set and ready to go, and the day before another hiccup. Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs were enforcing a curfew with road closures. The best part of this was you couldn’t feel any of the hiccups or the stress surrounding the city at Amy and Chris’s wedding. All that was felt was love, joy and celebration!


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